B2B Strategist (London)

B2B Strategist (London)

We’re looking for a durable strategist to join our talented team

Earnest is an agency with a mission to chase out the humdrum in B2B marketing.

We combine insight and creativity to deliver great results for our ever-expanding client base, including the likes of Vodafone, Mastercard and Softbank Robotics.

We’re looking for a durable strategist to join our talented team

You’ll be as curious as we are about everything, with a good head for business and a great feel for what makes people tick.

B2B experience is a must – particular in the tech and telco space. Ideally, you’ll have 2 years+ experience under your belt, whether agency or client-side.

We want someone who can ask all the right questions and get to the heart of the matter – building clear and compelling propositions, turning the intangible into something altogether more meaningful.

You’ll be well versed in planning digital-first campaigns, carefully selecting the right channels to reach and engage audiences – and ensuring they deliver the goods commercially for our clients.

Most of all, we want someone with an athletic mind that can help Earnest continue to set the pace and wow it’s clients.

The same kind of different

We welcome you, whatever your appearance, mobility or gender; who you love, who you worship or where you’re from. We look for talent, enthusiasm and likability in our teammates. We look for that extra something that will add to the way we work together. That’s what helps us to be better people and a better agency.

What you’ll be up to:

  • Insight gathering – getting under the skin of the client, their market and customer needs via research, workshops and interviews
  • Developing compelling stories and messaging that position the client’s offerings in a clear and compelling way
  • Formulating high performance, integrated campaign plans – combining the right mix of inbound and outbound tactics, while thinking digital-first
  • Content marketing – from advising clients on the right strategy, building personas, establishing key themes and formats to distribution
  • Working closely with our creatives – delivering the laser sharp insights that will inspire their thinking
  • Measuring and reporting – with a clear view on what’s working and why, to demonstrate the value and optimise the performance of our campaigns

Sound like you?

Email us and attach your CV and anything relevant.

work@earnest-agency.com >