Putting the energy problem into our audience’s hands

Often the key to marketing and sales is triggering your audience to realise they have a problem with one hand, and offering them a solution to that very problem with the other.

Whether it’s someone realising they are out of shape and need a new pair of Nike trainers, or showing a CIO that their bank is at risk at being eaten by the competition and need a new IT system – the clearer you can bring their problems to light, the more likely your audience is to engage with you about how you can help.

It was this thinking that led us to creating something a little different for Centrica to help promote their Energy Resilience offer as part of a larger campaign earlier this year.

Energy Resilience from Centrica Business Solutions is all about setting businesses up for mass power failures – enabling them to keep up and running even when the power goes down.

Last year 81% of businesses said they had experienced large power failure (64% of which was caused by bad weather) which led to 30% of those businesses losing revenue.

Out of Home campaign example of weather causing a power problem

The risk of power outages and the effects of those is clearly a huge deal, but not one that is front of mind for business leaders – so how do you show off this potential issue in a clear and concise way that will leave the audience picking up the phone to get help?

We decided to literally put the problem into their hands, creating a video made specifically for mobile phones that brought to life what a day for a CEO of a company whose power has gone down would be like (spoiler: it doesn’t look fun).

And it worked – the video got C-Suite executives thinking differently about their energy strategy and made it easier for Centrica Business Solutions to have a conversation about the potential issues they may face.

Try it yourself here [NB: To get the best experience possible, watch the video on your mobile phone!]