Small business banking

Small Business Banking:

Time to act

2020 is the year for small business banking, with 4 in 10 businesses looking to switch because of how they’ve been treated during Covid-19.

To reassure existing customers and engage new ones, banks must act now, seizing the small business opportunity and fuelling growth.

Attracting and retaining small business banking customers

The uncertainty of the last few months has led to caution amongst many marketers – the financial services sector included.

However, with 4 in 10 businesses looking to switch banks following the treatment they’ve received during Covid-19, it’s clear that now is the time to act for banks looking to grow.

Our Open Minded Banking report revealed how banks can start taking advantage of that opportunity.

But doing so requires an agency partner who understands:

_ Small business audiences

_ Marketing financial services products

_ Creative, impactful campaigns

Luckily, we’ve had plenty of experience with all three.

Some clients we’ve helped in the past:


The challenge

Mastercard needed help elevating their story from products and solutions into thought leadership that captured people’s imagination.

The Solution

Welcome to the Frictionless Future: a video and podcast series which brought to life the future of payments in an emotive, imaginative and exciting way for customers.


60+ qualified sales leads
$multi-million partnership signed off the back of the campaign
No.1 share of voice at the Sibos event

How it’s relevant to you:

We use storytelling media, like podcasts and video, to create enticing narratives for technical subject matter, making them accessible and engaging for customers.

Think Small

The challenge

We saw that a lot of B2B marketing wasn’t landing with small businesses. It was condescending, one-size-fits-all, and utterly uninspiring.

The Solution

We took a road trip around the UK to interview SMB owners all over the country. Then we shaped our findings into this microsite which is full of insights to help you win small business hearts and minds.

How it can help you:

Marketing to small business is all about empathy and relevance – and our Think Small insights help you put a more human face on your campaigns, messaging and experiences. We even run Think Small sessions to help align marketing & sales teams on the best approach to their small business customers.


The challenge

Samsung wanted to engage small business audiences for the launch of its Galaxy Note 8 in Europe.

The Solution

We developed a content marketing campaign driven by the idea that large and small businesses can learn a lot from each other. We commissioned a research report, hosted a panel debate, and also created two short films that documented two very different businesses using the Galaxy Note 8 to ‘Do Bigger Things’.


26% YOY sales increase in this segment
10m+ reach across Europe
250k views of real-life business films

How it’s relevant to you:

We go beyond simply launching a product, and use creativity and engaging thought leadership to cut through corporate jargon and get to the heart of what really matters to small businesses.

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